01.04.2013 10:05


  • Esther Casanueva
  • Martha Kaufer-Horwitz
  • Ana Bertha Perez-Lizaur
  • Pedro Arroyo

Medical Nutrology is a work from design was conceptualized to provide biopsychosocial elements required to assess differential diagnoses of diseases whose genesis or evaluation factors involved in order so as to suggest nutritional food plans for its prevention and control, including a description of the socioeconomic and psychosocial factors associated with our problems of nutrition as well as feeding the ideal characteristics for a particular risk group, or engfermedad fisisologica condition, based on the eating patterns of our population.
Epidemiological information that print shop in each chapter is intended to establish a framework to identify and treat population with increased risk of various enfermedades.Cabe noted that in some chapters is the information underlying molecular clinical pictures presented.

Our current studies rely heavily on the information in this book as it contains updated information on the most common diseases because of poor nutrition in the same way shows the different ways in which we can help people to improve their eating habits .
  The book for us is a basic tool ayuadara us during the course of our professional studies in the same way is a granmetodo of prevention